28 Dec Get MasterShield To Upgrade Your Gutter Protection Systems. Here’s Why

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Most people find their home as the center of their life. So, people invest on it. Homeowners, even at times, hire interior designers to beautify their home. They add wallpapers to bring life to plain walls, rugs for maintaining a relaxing ambiance, doorsteps to provide visitors a welcoming feeling, and other accessories.

Improve Your Gutter Protection Systems With MasterShield

One particular part of the house that must not be taken for granted is the roof. These roofs shelter people all year long. The roof offers homes protection from heavy rains and strong winds. With these conditions the roofs undergo, proper maintenance must be given for it to perform its proper functions.

Here are some common problems of homeowners with their roof:

Accumulation of leaves – Why can be accumulation of leaves be a problem in your roof? Basically, accumulated leaves disrupt the normal movement of water in your roof. Before winter, the natural phenomenon of tree losing their leaves occurs and these leaves go to your roof and clog the drainages. During rainy season, this will be a problem as the load will accumulate and may cause crashes.

Sun and rain – Nature itself is a challenge to roofs. The scorching heat, gushing winds, and frequent rains are extreme conditions that may damage your roof. The durability of your roof materials will be put to test.

Pests – In roofs that are rarely checked, insects can build its colony in debris and may invade your home, and in some cases, these insects may cause deadly diseases. Other animals may also nest in your roof.

With the positive things that your roof offers you, investing on it is a wise decision. Gutter guards are protection for your roof against possible damage to your properties. In that case, the question should be: Do you own MasterShield?

MasterShield has been on the gutter guard business since 1999 and has long been protecting homes. MasterShield keeps your gutters clear of all types of debris such as leaves, branches, and nests. Its new filtration technology allows it to be ten times more effective than its other competitor. Because of this improvement, homeowners, especially senior citizens, will spend less time on those wobbly ladders.

One of its boasted technologies is the MicoVortex cloth technology. This innovation allows more water to be filtered in a shorter period of time. This owes to advances in thread size and placement in micromesh filtration cloth.

Gutter Protection Systems with MasterShield in Massachusetts

MasterShield also has its HydroVortex technology which allows the gutter to take an increased amount of water. The two combined technology results to ten times increase in the roof’s ability to self clean from oil and debris and 25 percent increased amount of water the gutter can allow.

Why is MicroVortex cloth technology different from other filtering technology?

Cloths and filters are not new in gutter guard screens. Its screening performance is based on the size of the filter thread openings that blocks debris. Before the MasterShield’s technology was found, the common cloth used has 18 threads-per-inch and anything above that standard would cause the water to flow on the screen’s top instead of going into the gutter. MicroVortex cloth technology surpasses this barrier by utilizing 120 threads-per-square inch without sacrificing efficiency.

To learn more about MasterShield, visit our page about our gutter protection services for Massachusetts and Conneticut.

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