18 Dec Springfield Ma Homeowners Ask: When is the Time to Replace Gutters?

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One of the most important aspects of the home (and one of the most overlooked) is the roof, and gutters. A rain gutter is defined as a narrow duct, or trough, which collects rainwater from the roof, and collects or diverts it away from the structure, generally through a drain. Here’s a discussion on when’s the best time to replace gutter.

Yes, Replace Gutters. But First Know The Facts!

Undertaking a home improvement project, such as repairing gutters or the roof, is never an easy thing. When deciding on having your rain gutters repaired, first determine how long are your gutters designed to last, and what they’re made of. As a matter of fact, no two guttering systems are alike, in terms of their lifespan and quality of construction.

A wide array of elements, such as rain, snow, ice rust and others affect the longevity of gutters. According to the US National Association of Home-builders, aluminum or galvanized steel gutters can last as much as fifty years before they need to be replaced.

Signs To Watch Out For

Springfield Ma Homeowners Ask When is the Time to Replace Gutters

Before having your gutter quickly replaced, here are a number of helpful factors or clues to consider. Look out for the following:

  • loose guttering sections
  • gutters that bend or flop
  • widespread rust
  • numerous cracks or holes in the gutters
  • gaps that have formed between gutter connections
  • broken gutter fasteners
  • mold or water stains on the home’s facade
  • nails lying on the ground which may have come from the loosened gutters
  • washed-put portions of landscaping
  • as well as gaps that have formed between the gutter sections and fascia boards

As soon as you spot these clues, and decide that it’s now time for a gutter replacement, the next question would be whether to hire a professional gutter repairman, or do things by yourself. Keep in mind if only a few sections, or a single gutter side needs replacement, then you can perhaps do the replacement by yourself. But if an entire gutter system needs a total overhaul, it would be wiser to call a professional gutter repair company.

And if your gutters truly need replacement, this time would also be a fantastic opportunity to consider outfitting the home with gutter guards. A good-quality gutter guard can help eliminate or repel debris, and keep the gutters clog-free and clean for a longer period of time.

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