01 Apr The Importance of Gutter Cleaning and Maintenance for Your Building

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The gutters on your commercial property serve a very important purpose; they help you drain out your roof adequately and make sure this water safely makes its way back to the sewers. However, no matter how carefully you choose your gutters, they can naturally get damaged or clogged over time and stop working at their best. This is when you need to carry out some cleaning and maintenance.

Prevention is Better Than Repairing Your Gutters

Prevention is Better Than Repairing Your Gutters

Inspect your gutters regularly!


However, it is not the best idea to wait until something goes horribly wrong or simply breaks down, to do something about it. Maintenance should be carried out periodically whether or not something is wrong with your gutters. This helps you make sure your building doesn’t get significantly damaged by the time you find out something is wrong at all, and you end up having to spend a lot more than you would have initially to get things fixed.

Gutters Clogging

Gutter Clogging

Depending on the weather conditions and surrounding foliage of your building, commercial gutters can get clogged with leaves, pine needles, twigs, pebbles and stones, and ice and snow very easily.


Once this happens, a lot of other problems ensue, which are a result of water not being able to adequately drain out from the roof and gutters. For this reason, it is important for building owners to get their gutters cleaned as often as possible, before the clogging occurs and things get much worse.

Backed Up Water and Structural Damages

One of the things that clogging does is prevent the water from draining out which results in backed up water on the roof. This water can slowly seep through the roof into the building and cause major structural damages if left unattended, especially if there is a lot of wood being used which can rot very easily. Water could start dripping inside your home, and could also leave unsightly patches on the inside wall.

Dampness inside the building can also result in the growth of mold, which can give your building a musty smell and can destroy the look of your building, as well as pose various health threats if inhaled. Rotten damp wood can also encourage the growth of insect and pest infestations.

Damage to gutters

Damage to gutters

With clogging, backed up water, and ice; your gutters can get very heavy.


The gutters are not made to bear the added weight of debris and so can start to come loose at the fittings. This can break your gutters and cause them to fall off at times and you may end up having to replace the entire gutter system.


Since the gutter capacity is reduced by the clogging, or maybe because the gutter has come lose and shifted, the water could start overflowing. This happens especially during extreme weather conditions. This means that there will be unsightly and dangerous puddles on the sidewalk in front of your building, and in the winters, these can even freeze up and form slippery ice sheets. Anyone who has stepped in a puddle after a particularly long and bad day would know how bad this can be.

Overflowing can also lead to icicles forming on the edge of the gutters in the winters and the walls of the building getting damp, dirty, and discolored, both of which can reduce the aesthetic appeal of the building.

Hazard for Passersby

Puddles and ice sheets can both pose a safety threat to passersby, as well as your own customers. These can be extremely slippery and puddles are just a big nuisance, and as an owner of commercial property this should mean a big deal to you. You may be violating various state safety regulations, and you could even be held liable in case people end up hurting themselves, because you haven’t followed these regulations and haven’t maintained your gutters.

Bad for Business

All of the above issues, the safety concerns, the damage to property and gutters, the decreasing aesthetic value, all of them can have a very negative impact on your business. If you own your commercial property and run a business there, an ill managed, dirty, and smelly building infected by insects and pests can leave a very bad impression on your customers, and so can overflowing gutters and puddles in front of the front door. You could end up looking very unprofessional. If you rent out your building to other businesses, they might end up leaving you because they in turn are losing customers.

What You Can Do

Once a Year Maintenance Check on Your Gutters

Once a Year Maintenance Check on Your Gutters.

All of these reasons make gutter maintenance very important for commercial properties. It becomes imperative that you have maintenance work done once a year at least, depending on the weather conditions in your area, whether or not your gutters need it. It may also be smart to have the gutters looked over before the winters and springs, to clear up damage and clogging from falling autumn leaves and winter ice and snow.

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