09 Jan How a Patent Protects Your Rain Gutters

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Alex Higginbotham first started working on ways to improve gutter guards after years of frustration with existing systems. In 1999 he discovered how to use finely woven stainless steel screens to filter out fine debris that normally clog gutter protection systems. This technology was part of his first patent issued in 2003 and was incorporated and licensed as the LeafFilter gutter guard system.

Rain Gutters in Massachusetts - Alex Higginbotham.

Alex Higginbotham. Image credit: MasterShield Gutter Guards

The Self-Cleaning Breakthrough For Your Rain Gutters Protection

One of the most important breakthroughs of the new system was that debris accumulating on the micro mesh filter would quickly dry and blow off the gutter guard. This was a huge leap forward over what was available at the time because it eliminated the need for regular cleaning. Micro mesh screens were quickly incorporated into a number of different manufacturer’s rain guards but Alex was already hard at work on further perfecting the technology.

The Problem with Micro Mesh

By continuously testing his products under different conditions, Alex was able to identify several potential problems with the new system. Although the micro mesh screen did a great job of filtering out fine debris like shingle granules, pollen and seeds that were such a problem in older gutter guard designs, he found that oil leaching from shingles could eventually coat the fine mesh guards.

rain gutters in springfield ma - Micro Mesh

Micro mesh gutter guard without patented technology. Image credit: Gutter Shutter Chicago

He also found problems with different rates of expansion and contraction when using different materials such as vinyl and stainless steel mesh. Water from more steeply pitched roofs also a problem during heavy rains. Water moving quickly across the screens would track over the gutter guard and not into the gutter.

Real Performance of Gutter Guards on Massachusetts Gutters

Over the next 10 years Alex spent a lot of time talking to leading installers like ASG Gutters to get feedback on the real world performance of his system. Based on their feedback and testing he continued to develop his system. After 10 years Alex was granted yet another patent issued on March 19, 2013. The new patent has been a major step forward in many aspects of his original design. The patent caught the attention of the scientific community and was included in the 2013 edition of Advances in Steel Research and Application. The culmination of his work is the MasterShield Gutter Guard System.

The MasterShield Gutter Guard Patented Advantage for Massachusetts Gutters

For the first time a truly maintenance free gutter guard system is available that lets nothing but water enter your Massachusetts gutters. The MicroVortex screen catches debris as small as 50 microns in size while pulling water into the gutter at virtually any angle.


Rain Gutters in Springfield Ma - Mastershield MasterShield Gutter Guards

MasterShield patented technology pulls water into your gutter.Image credit: MasterShield Gutter Guards

Part of the patented design are a series of downward planes in the body of the gutter guard that contact the underside of the screen and are able to draw the water in by using surface tension. By pulling water through the screen rather than relying on gravity, MasterShield Gutter Guards can be installed to match the pitch of the roof, vastly improving the ability of the system to dry and shed debris.

The Exclusive Installer of MasterShield Gutter Guards in Massachusetts

ASG Gutters is the exclusive dealer and installer of MasterShield Gutter Guards in Massachusetts. If you want the patented protection of maintenance free gutters that never clog call (800.562.1289) ASG Gutters to get a free quote.

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