27 Feb Is Installing Gutter Guards For Your Gutters A Good Idea?

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While your gutters are meant to drain out water from your roof, it’s not a perfect world and a lot more makes its way into your gutters and downspouts than just plain water. Leaves and other debris can accumulate and clog your gutters, and unless you clean them regularly, or professionally once in a while, they can serve to damage your gutters and even your homes. A very obvious solution is installing gutter guards, which hold back the debris but let in the water, keeping your gutters clean. But the question most people ask is, do they really work?

Types of gutter guards

First of all let’s look at what kind of gutter guards are available. Here are the main types:


Installing Gutter Guards - Mesh

Meshed type of gutter guard.

This is a metal sheet filled with tiny holes that let the water in but hold back the debris.

Reverse Curve

reverse curved type of gutter guard

Reverse curved type of gutter guard.

This design guides the water into the gutter through a slit while the debris slips off onto to the ground.


Nylon gutter guard

Nylon gutter guard.

These have a unique design made especially to prevent snow and ice build-up.

Bottle brush

Bottle brush gutter guard

Bottle brush gutter guard

These have tiny rough bristles that catch leaves and other debris while the water flow away.


Foam type of gutter guard.

Foam type of gutter guard.

These are made of plastic that fits into the gutter and blocks debris from flowing into the downspouts.

Think about where you live

A good way to decide whether you should invest in gutter guards is to think about your location. If you are surrounded by a lot of trees and foliage, it may be a good idea to install them. Plus, If you live in a harsh winter area that sees a lot of snow and blizzards, you may have need of one, especially a nylon one.

Are you tired of regular cleanings?

It is true that gutter guards are not a necessity, but provide a convenience. If you hate the regular cleaning of the gunk stuck in your downspouts, feel it is too dangerous to climb up there again and again, don’t want to pay for professional cleanings, or are simple physically unable due to old age or disability, it may be a good idea to add some gutter protection.

Quality matters

Of course, it also matters where you’re getting your gutter guards from. Not all of them would work as great and you need a brand that you can be sure of. According to Tim Carter at Ask the Builder home improvement website, most gutter guards are questionable in performance and don’t offer perfect protection, but after 10 years of testing and trial and error he says MasterShield is probably the best one out there.

Is it worth the expense?

The biggest concern people have is whether it is worth the expense. Well, while the installation may cost you, the thing to think about is whether you are ok with the regular cleanings, or if you’re too lazy, paying for professional cleanings, costs which can also add up over the years. It’s true you will still have to clean the guards, but it will be much less of a burden. Plus, with ASG Gutters, you can get $300 off on MasterShield installations.

So is it a good idea?

So, to answer that question, you must ask these questions of yourself. There is no definite answer, and it is true that no gutter guard is a magic spell; there will still be debris, and you will still have to maintain them, it just won’t be as bad, and would take lesser time and effort. If the investment is worth it for you, it is definitely a good idea. To get the best protection for your gutters contact ASG Gutters and get MasterShield for your existing or new gutters today.

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