28 Apr Industrial Gutter Profile – What To Look For In Your Industrial Gutters

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While the primary purpose of gutters is to divert rainwater from the roof of a building away and into the drainage lines, the types of gutters installed on different buildings are very different characteristics. Residential gutters might not need to be that big or strong, but would need a kind of aesthetic value, while commercial gutters would need to have more capacity to prevent overflow. The same way, industrial gutters also have certain characteristics that are important to make sure they protect industrial properties. Here’s what to look for in industrial gutters:

Where Do They Go?

Industrial Gutters are made for industrial properties, and so go on building such as shopping malls, large department stores, military buildings, manufacturing plants and factories. These building are usually very large, much larger than commercial buildings, and have a large surface area which means they have bigger roofs which are generally flat.

Seamless Design

Seamless Design - industrial gutter profile

Professional installing a seamless gutter for business.

Most, if not all, industrial gutter have seamless designs. This makes sure they not only look neat and professional, but are also very sturdy and durable. Since the gutters are continuous and not divided into sections, there is lesser chance of damage or leakage and the gutters usually last longer. This is great for industrial buildings as there is usually a need for a much larger gutter system and constant repair and replacement as well as too much maintenance will take a lot of time and money.

Size and Capacity

Due to the large size of the roofs, these building require gutters that have a lot of capacity to carry all the rainwater away safely without overflowing. Plus, if the water is not drained properly there could be immense damage to property and equipment, and could cause other problems such as mould and insect infestations. Industrial gutter thus have double levels of protection, primary and secondary, and come in various sizes which suit different sizes of buildings.


The materials industrial gutters are made of are also carefully picked to make sure the gutters are sturdy and last much longer than other types of gutters. Normally the materials used are copper, steel, or high grade aluminum. ASG Gutters uses high-grade, heavy duty .032 and .027 commercial grade aluminum connected with stainless steel hex screws, which ensures that no amount of weight is too much and the gutters can pass the test of time. Plus, the gutters also stay hinged tightly through extreme weather conditions, and don’t come loose and spill their contents.

When you go looking for industrial gutters, make sure these qualities are present. Industrial properties need these special characteristics in their gutter so they are protected properly, and just any residential or commercial gutter or a bad quality industrial gutter won’t work. Industrial properties have large investments in them so make sure you protect this investment. For the best quality seamless industrial gutters and their installation on your industrial property contact ASG Gutters today and get your quotes!

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