20 Apr The Importance Of The Installation Of Industrial Gutters

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Gutter installations are just as important for industrial property as they are for residential and commercial properties, if not more so. Gutters are installed in order to protect your building from water damage and to make sure rainwater safely finds its way back into the sewerage system. Here are a few reasons you need to have industrial gutters installed on your industrial property.

Ability to Hold More Water

Ability to Hold More Water -Installation Of Industrial Gutters

Industrial buildings are usually large, such as factories and manufacturing plants, and so they have much larger roof areas as well.


Thus, they require much larger sizes of gutters to be able to carry off the water safely without any overflow issues. Industrial gutters come in all sizes and so each industrial building can pick the one that suits their needs. Also, industrial gutters come in two levels of protection, known as primary and secondary, so that chances of overflow are minimized.

Resilient and Long-Lasting

Industrial buildings also need something that is resilient and long lasting so that they need minimum maintenance and don’t need to be replaced often. Industrial gutters are just that, with a seamless design to minimize leakage and chances of damage. They are usually constructed from high grade copper steel or aluminum to make sure they are sturdy. ASG Gutters offers Industrial Gutter constructed from high-grade, heavy duty .032 and .027 commercial grade aluminum, and all accessories are connected using stainless steel hex screws which are more durable than traditional nails.

Protection for Building Structure

Like any other building, industrial buildings can also easily get damaged by standing water. The roofs are usually flat and water easily accumulates and starts to erode the surface, eventually leaking into the structure and foundation to cause widespread damage. Owners invest a lot of money into their commercial properties, and they should take every care to protect it, even from rainwater.

Protection for Equipment, Merchandise and Employees

It’s not just the building structure that is in harm’s way with industrial buildings. These are basically production houses and house heavy machinery and equipment as well as raw materials and finished merchandise. Water leakage can cause damage to these and result in tremendous losses. Plus, the employees working here are also under threat of various diseases if leaking water causes the growth of mould and other insect and pest infestations.

Protection Against Litigation

Such circumstances leaves the company open and vulnerable to litigation as employees may seek to make money by suing the firm for negligence and other such claims. If it is found that the damages to personal property, health or life has happened because the firm refused to install proper gutter systems, the company could be held liable.

All of this means that it is highly important for owners of industrial property to install industrial gutters on their properties. This not only makes sure they get the right kind of drainage for their building, but also that no damage is caused to the building, the equipment and people inside, and to the company reputation and finances through a lawsuit. To install industrial gutter on your property, call ASG Gutters today!

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