20 Jun How to spot a shady contractor:

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It is important that you pick a good and reliable contractor when you’re planning on renovating or fixing up your house. These days, many people are conned into giving their money to low quality, cowboy contractors who convince them they’re the best and cheapest professionals in their trade. In the past few years there has been an increasing number of shady contractors who dupe unsuspecting and naïve people into paying them upfront for work that is often a very bad quality or not done at all. There are a few clear ways to spot a shady contractor; here are a few of the easiest and accurate ways:

Request references and testimonies from previous clients:

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This is the easiest and quickest way to identify whether a contractor is genuine or a con. Official and professional businesses and tradesmen will have a portfolio and references of previous work ready for when the potential client wishes to see them. Also, asking for their business will indicate their level of profession and expertise as well. If they do not have a work building or at least an office, their legitimacy is questionable. If you have any suspicions of addresses and testimonies, investigate them yourself to see if they are real or not. Make sure you have no doubt before you sign or pay for anything.

So to sum it up, check these items:

  • Portfolio
  • References
  • Certificates
  • Physical office
  • Testimonies

Get a second quote and opinion

Bootleg contractors often falsely tell people that their homes need a lot more restoration or making over than they actually need and also over price people greatly. Gaining the opinion of another contractor or company allows you to verify whether or not a company is legit or not. A second opinion also means you have more than one option andallows you to compare and contrast the gutter contractor ma cost of renovations and what you need doing and which company will provide you with the highest standard of work.

Insist on a written agreement:

Insensibly, many people do not have a written agreement between them and their contractor when they hire them to complete work. They pay them and when they don’t deliver what was purchased and promised, they have no evidence or legal backing in court. A contact states exactly what the client promises in return for what the contractor promises and protects them both legally.

Without a written agreement being signed, there is no proof of such agreement. As a result of this, you could lose your money and the guilty party would go about unpunished. Shady contractors are reluctant to sign written agreements as they are legally obliged to complete work that they have no intention of doing. Also, if the matter was taken to court, they would be found guilty. A legit contractor will have no problem doing such a thing and will even suggest it in most cases.

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