06 Feb Gutters Protection Hacks: 7 Tips On How To Prevent And Fix Ice And Snow Damage

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When the heavy snows of the winter season hit, your roof and gutters can really take some harsh beating from the elements. Some snows can be quite heavy, and even the strongest and well constructed gutters can get backed up, causing damage to your roof and even causing leaks within the interior of your home. Once the damage occurs, it can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive to fix it. As such, it is a good idea to try to prevent this damage from occurring.

What Ice And Snow Can Do

Gutters Protection in Ma & Ct | how ice dams form

How ice dams form Diagram.

Snow and ice can damage your gutters in various ways. The most common issue is when the gutters become heavy with all the snow and ice, and break off from the hangers, resultantly falling to the ground.

Another really frustrating phenomenon is the forming of ice dams. This occurs when the snow on your roof melts from the heat escaping from your attic, runs down to the gutter, and refreezes as it touches the cold metal. This ice builds up, creating a dam that collects a pool of water which starts leaking through cracks and causes structural damages.

The formation of icicles due to the clogged gutter being unable to drain or collect water is another common problem. The worst part is that it flows over the side and refreezes before falling.

Gutters Protection From Snow And Ice

Gutters Protection in Ma & Ct |broken gutter from ice

Broken gutter from ice.

There are many ways to prevent all this from happening:

#1 Insulation And Ventilation

Adding insulation to your roof and ventilation in your attic can help keep the heat in or let the hot air out, which means the snow on your roof no longer melts. This means no more water running off and creating ice dams.

#2 Clear Your Roof

It is also a good idea to clear your roof as soon as the snow begins to build up. You can use a roof rake for this which has a long handle to reach the top without you having to climb up.

#3 Heated Gutter Guards

Gutter guards are a great way to keep snow and ice out of your gutters. If you get heated guards they will help melt the snow so it can easily be drained out through the downspout.

#4 Keep Your Gutters Clean

Before the winter snows come in, make sure your gutters and downspouts are not clogged with debris and fallen leaves. This exacerbates the situation and accumulates more snow and ice which become harder to clear out.

Cleaning The Gutters

Gutters Protection in Ma & Ct  - Ice Dam removal

Ice Dam removal.

However, if the damage is done in spite of this, or if you’re just too late, there are a few things you can do to clear up the issue.

#1 Ice Picks And Chisels

One time consuming and difficult way to do this is to use a chisel or ice pick and hammer to break and clear the ice, or at least create a pathway for the water to drain. This can, however, damage your gutter or roof as well.

#2 utter Heat Tape

This can be attached to your gutter, creating heat and melting pathways around is so the water can pass through and drain out.

#3 Pour Hot Water

A simpler solution is pouring boiling hot water into the gutter to melt the ice and snow, or using a hose to spray hot water onto the roof to clear the snow.


Snow and ice is a nuisance that has to be dealt with of you live in a cold region, but if adequate preventive measures are taken, a lot of the hassle can be avoided. Get on the issue early on and you will have a much better chance of protecting your gutters and your home.

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