15 Apr Gutter Replacement: Should You Update Your Gutters With A Roof Replacement?

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A lot of folks wonder whether or not they should throw in a gutter replacement in with their roof replacement project when they’re improving their homes. While it is true there might be nothing wrong with the existing gutters, you should not dismiss the idea too quickly. Before you make up your mind, consider these few points:

If Your Roof is Damaged…

If Your Roof is Damaged - Gutter Replacement

If you’re undertaking this tiresome ordeal to replace your roof just because your roof is severely damaged and you have to, you may want to stop and think why.


It might just be because of your gutters. One of the key reasons your roof gets damaged in the first place is due to faulty gutters backing up water onto your roof, which slowly weakens the roof and seeps into your foundation causing your roof to leak. If your roof is damaged, you may want to have a look at your gutters or the same will happen to your new roof.

What’s the State of Your Gutters?

In order to decide whether your gutters need repairing or complete replacement you will have to assess the damage. If your gutters are simply clogged or are coming loose, you may be able to repair them easily, but in case they are rotting, rusted, broken, and leaking, you will have to replace them completely as repairing might not be sufficient. If you see signs of leaking at the joints or dropout, or find the material rusted or deteriorated, it may be time to buy some new gutters.

Size and Type of Roof

It is also important to think about the new roof you are getting. It will probably be the same size as this depends on your house, but there may be other design elements that would require you to get different gutters that fit in well and are functional with the new roof, so it might be wise to upgrade at this time.

Add Aesthetic Appeal

Another reason you might want to upgrade is that your new roof might be completely different and your old gutters might not go with them, bringing down the aesthetics of your home. Plus, it’s like wearing new clothes but old and battered shoes. Old and beat gutters might just not look right with a new and shiny roof, and will make the roof look bad too.

Protect Your Investment

You’re probably spending a large amount of money having your whole roof replaced, and it would be a shame if it gets destroyed a few months later because your gutters stopped working. It may be smart to invest in some new gutters as well since you’re spending anyway, and make sure all your money doesn’t go to waste because you were being frugal.

You Might As Well

You’re going through all this inconvenience getting your roof replace, and if your gutters are quite old chances are they might break down sooner or later and will need replacement. Instead of waiting for this time and spending a couple more weeks being inconvenienced you can just take this opportunity and get it done.

So, replacing your gutters and downspouts along with your roof may be a good idea, but only if you feel your gutters are old and beat and either need to be replace right now or pretty soon. If you’re going through a roof replacement project, give your gutters a thorough checkup and sit and think about what you want to do so you don’t regret anything later on.

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