17 Feb Common Roof Problems You Don’t Give A Damn (But You Should!) And The Right Gutter Protection!

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You are watching this old guy in your neighborhood as he climbs the ladder up to his roof. You anxiously observe him while he removes debris from his gutter. He does this several times a year. There is always this lingering feeling that you need to do something about it. Maybe next time you see him attempt the cleaning, you will volunteer to do the task. You can also teach him how to install gutter protection.

Gutter guards are an excellent addition to gutters. It provides a solution to common roof problems. Here are some problems encountered in roofs:

Accumulation of Leaves When You Don’t Have Gutter Protection

Gutter protection and avoid dirty gutters

One or two leaves falling in your roof can just be ignored. But as strong winds sweep the branches of the trees, these leaves pile up can accumulate in your gutters and will eventually become a problem when the leaves obstruct the movement of water in your gutter. The falling of leaves usually occurs before winter. After winter, water will pour without a passage to move on to. If this goes on without proper maintenance, the load will build up increasing the risk for crashing roof.


Yes, insects and rodents may find shelter in the debris in your gutter. They can build their colonies and soon invade your home. Mosquitoes can lay their eggs in standing water that accumulated in your roof and can cause life-threatening diseases. Birds will also see your roof as a nesting ground.

Sun and rain

Nature itself is a tough challenge for your roof. The scorching heat and frequent rains may put your roof’s durability to the test. From one extreme condition to the other, the materials of your roof may wear off and cause leaks, which can lead to further damage.

Considering these factors, it maybe a reasonable step to turn to gutter guards. Gutter protection will guard your house to the troubles you will face with a leaky roof. It will also boost the gutter drainage system of your house, allowing proper circulation of rainwater so that you will prevent costly repairs.

Gutter guards provide protection against accumulation of leaves that clog your drainage system. These items often are designed with a filtration system that will clear away leaves, branches, nests, and other debris in your gutters. Also, the filter becomes a barrier to deter insects and pests. Because of this, you will spend less time climbing up the ladder.

Gutter guards have evolved over the years. It does not only create a barrier for debris to form in your gutters, but also encourages water to pass through the barrier and into the gutters. Filtering can be performed on a large volume of water that pours on your roof; a fast and efficient way of moving water out.

The next time you see your neighbor, try introducing him to gutter guards to save him the trouble of going up the wobbly ladder. Also, put up a gutter guard for yourself. You will find this to be a very wise investment for your house. Also check out our gutter protection services in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

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