29 Jan Gutter Profiles Feat. Half round vs K-Style Gutters

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The Two Of The Most Popular Gutter Profiles

Among the different types of gutter profiles available today, K-style and half round gutters are among the most sought-after types. And while half round gutters were the traditional favorites, K-style gutters have become the industry-standard today as most gutter makers have tailored their facilities to creating these types of gutter variants. Let’s make a balanced comparison of half round versus K-style gutters.

Gutter Profile Springfield Ma - Knowing the facts

K-Style Gutter Facts

The name “K-Style” was actually derived from the profile of the gutter when viewed from the side. As its outer shape vaguely represents the letter K. The gutter’s outer edge consists of a short, straight line from the gutter’s bottom, and has two opposing curves, which are followed by another straight line. K-style gutters come in different sizes, with five-inch and six-inch as the most common sizes. These gutter variants are mostly made from aluminum, although you’d find some made from copper, vinyl and galvanized steel.

Half Round Gutters

Half round gutters have curled top outer edges on both sides, which look a bit like standard K-style gutters. They also look like a fully-enclosed pipe that you cut in half lengthwise, and they are generally available in different colors and widths, and can also be bought in sections, or installed as a seamless gutter.

Historically, half round gutters have been preferred in many homes because they are easy to create, using basic tools. The early 20th century half round gutter makers were known to have bended steel plates around cylinders, or even hollowed-out tree stems.

Today, however, half round gutters are manufactured from a wide assortment of materials, from copper to aluminum, galvanized and zinc-coated metal.

And while half round gutters may be a bit costly than K-style gutters, they, however, offer a more distinct edge over K-style types. A half round gutter’s inner shape is much smoother than the angularly-formed K-style gutter, which reduces the likelihood of corrosion because there will be lesser areas where wetness can form. The half round gutter’s smooth surface also allows water-borne debris to flow much freely instead of getting caught on the rough edges.

These are but a few of the many reasons why half round gutters are more elegant, durable, and easier to clean than K-style gutter types. But with the popularity of K-style gutters, many gutter makers today have incorporated the K-style profile in their gutter-making facilities, and many contractors also have portable K-style gutter making machines.

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