14 Oct DIY – Cleaning Gutters Like A Pro

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Cleaning gutters should be a no-brainer. It is part of the proper maintenance in living a home-grown lifestyle. There are special companies today that now offer gutter cleaning services, but for the average Joe, this meager task can be done easily and effectively, with the proper knowledge and equipment at hand.

Many homeowners take gutter cleaning as a mundane task that should only be done at once every few years. This is a false assumption. Gutters should be cleaned at least twice per year, depending on the gutter state and the weather. Unclean gutters are usually the cause of ice dams, gutter leaks, and ultimately, gutter destruction.

Many solid materials can clog the regular home gutters all-year round. With the changing weather, rainwater cannot push everything away anymore. Especially if there are stones, twigs and other heavy solid materials stuck in the gutter itself. These materials, if taken for granted can cause damages to the gutters that may lead to an untimely replacement.

Springfield Ma - Cleaning Gutters DYI

Cleaning Gutters Steps and Equipment

Cleaning the gutters is relatively an easy task to do. In homes with many surrounding trees, it is recommended to clean the gutters as frequently as much to avoid ice jams in the winter. When doing-it-yourself, employ the proper techniques and use the necessary equipment to provide caution. And please, secure the ladder.

The Equipment

  • Ladder
  • Scoop
  • Gloves
  • Goggles
  • Dust Masks
  • Garden Trowel

The Procedure

  1. Check the gutter if it needs cleaning. You can do this by checking leaks on the whole drainage system. If you spot a leak from any part of the system, check if there are clogs in the gutter itself. Usually, leaks are the result of a clog on the gutter, which forces the water to make a necessary quick exit. Also assess if your gutter is now full of litter like small rocks, accumulated dust, rust (on conventional steel gutters), leaves, twigs, branches, or any other material that may potentially clog the whole drainage system. Remember that water forces these materials until they accumulate in one location where they are all cramped up and so little to no water can pass through.
  2. If you think that your gutter is indeed in need of a cleaning, gather up all equipment and start scooping up the waste materials that may hamper the rainwater’s pathway. Use a garden trowel and scoop to manage the waste materials. Collect all twigs, leaves, and branches that are on the way. Do not scrape off the gutter in any circumstance. This can do damage rather than clean it.
  3. After manually cleaning the clogged gutter, spray a high-pressured water nozzle on the gutter to clean it off with the remaining dust deposits and stains. Properly wash away all the remaining debris in the gutter and see to it that the water is flowing properly. Avoid creating dents in your gutters by using a stand-off.


Do not use heavy detergents and washing agents to clean your gutter. You do not need our gutter looking immaculately clean. The gutter only needs to allow water to flow freely.

If this sounds all messy and to hard to do for you, what you need is a gutter protection. You can check out our gutter protection services page to learn more about it.

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