05 Dec Getting To Know Gutter Profiles You Can Choose From

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For most people in Connecticut and Massachusetts, gutters are probably the last thing on their mind. The question doesn’t often arise whether their gutters have a great looking profile or not. That is until they don’t.

Gutter Profiles. The Connecticut Gutters Style

Less than great looking gutters or plane old ugly gutters stand out like a sore thumb. To avoid gutters that draw attention to themselves for all the wrong reasons here is a short guide to what makes a great looking gutter profile.

Strong Lines

Gutter profiles differ according to the requirements of the application. Each element of the gutter profile serves a purpose. In Massachusetts and Connecticut gutters are profiled to meet the demands of the weather and match the design of your home. Knowing the features that suit your needs will help you make the best choice.


Some elements of a gutter profile are purely functional. The most obvious one being size. The more roof area that is draining into your gutters the bigger they need to be. Because of the humid continental climate in Connecticut and Massachusetts, gutters need to be large enough to carry runoff from occasionally heavy downpours. ASG Seamless Gutters manufactures 5-inch 6-inch and 7-inch gutters in a variety of styles. (Click here to check our gutter profile page)

Other elements like leaf ribs that help move leaves and debris through the gutter and wings that flash under your shingles to prevent water from wicking up are two more profile features that serve a purely functional purpose. Pencil beads can be decorative or when placed on the fascia side, serve to add stiffness and ease installation of the gutter.


Many gutter profiles are designed to work with specific fastening systems. The most common profiles include a hook which is secured by a standard screw-in internal gutter bracket. In this kind of installation the fasteners are not visible from the ground or when the house is viewed from the street.

Gutter Profiles in Connecticut - Fastening

Spike and ferrule fasteners can also be used although they have largely been replaced by internal brackets. With the spike and ferrule system, the head of the spike or in some cases the screw that is threaded through the ferrule (spacer) is visible from the outside.

Half round gutters are normally fastened using a hangar system that appears as ribs along the length of the gutter. The traditional half round design includes an outward curling lip that provides stiffness and holds the end of the hangar. Hidden internal half round gutter hangar systems are also available that use a reverse curl.

Gutter Profiles in Connecticut - Half Rounded Gutters


Half round gutters are often considered a specialty item used for matching the original style of a heritage property or modern reproduction.

Ogee profiled gutters, also referred to as OG or K-style are a popular choice that look similar to a fancy crown molding running below the roof line of the house. OG style moldings are well suited to traditional style homes.

Box gutters have the advantage of providing the largest water carrying capacity with the smallest profile. They are common in industrial applications but also look great on modern design homes.

Gutter Profiles in Connecticut - Low profile box gutters

ASG Seamless Gutters manufactures thirty different gutter profiles to suit your needs. Contact us today to learn which one is best for your home.

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