12 Dec Gutters’ 3 Most Deadly Enemies… #3 Is Not To Be Taken For Granted

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From ice and snow to trees that sow, the world is full of dangers for your gutters. From full frontal attacks to slow and insidious decay at the hands of unseen forces, Connecticut gutters face many dangers.

Connecticut Gutters Worse Enemies, How They Attack and Your Best Defense

Here are they are…

#1 Ice and Snow Covering Your Gutters

Connecticut Gutters - Ice and Snow

Heavy snow and ice can accumulate on your roof and in your gutters.

Heavy snow and melting ice can be a hazard for your gutters, your roof and yourself. Low slope roofs and poorly insulated attics can make the problem worse.

Favorite Method of Attack

While properly installed gutters are able to support a surprising amount of weight it is the constant freezing and thawing of snow and ice that make them so destructive. On a sunny afternoon as the ice melts it seeps under shingles, behind fascia boards and in to small gaps. When it refreezes it expands, opening up the gaps, lifting shingles and tearing your gutters off your home one fraction of an inch at a time.

Best Defense

Using a roof rake regularly is an effective tool for removing excess snow during the colder mid-winter months before it has a chance to start melting and forming an ice dam. By removing a little snow each day you can keep the job manageable and avoid dangerous accumulations of snow. Concentrate on the easy to reach areas first and leave a layer of snow to protect your shingles from the roof rake.

A second, more costly, but very effective method is to install an eave and gutter deicing system. These systems use self-regulating heating cables or operate by on a sensor that monitors cold temperatures and the presence of moisture. Heating cables are clipped to shingles on the roof above the unheated overhang, around dormers, roof valleys, along gutters and through downspouts.

Connecticut Gutters - Ice and Snow remedy

An eave and gutter deicing system keeps your eaves and gutters free of ice preventing problems before they start.
Photo credit: MOR Electric Heating

#2 Tree Flowers and Seeds in Your Gutters

Spring is a beautiful time in Connecticut and Massachusetts. The robins sing, the sun warms the earth and nature bursts forth with all its beauty. Fall is twice as nice with the changing season painting the landscape with golden yellows and smoldering reds. For your Massachusetts and Connecticut gutters all this beauty means only one thing: trouble.

Favorite Method of Attack

Several different species of trees common to Massachusetts and Connecticut produce large amounts of flowers and seeds from the late winter to the end of summer. Homes with large maple and oak trees nearby will have hundreds of pounds of debris raining down on their roofs and washing into their gutters throughout the spring and summer.

The constant headache of leaf clogged gutters has led many a would-be inventor to attempt designing the perfect system to keep leaves out of the gutters and let water in. Most gutter screens that do a respectable job keeping leaves out are inevitably clogged by flowers and small seeds. By the time the first leaves fall the gutter screens are a sticky mess that is able to quickly add a layer of wet leaves to make your gutters nearly useless.

Connecticut Gutters - Tree Flowers and Seeds

Many gutter screens are easily clogged by flowers and seeds.
Photo credit: Mr. Green Gutter Cleaning

Best Defense

While some home owners have regularly scheduled gutter cleaning, hiring a crew can be expensive and doing it yourself can be more trouble than you are willing to put yourself through. That’s before you even consider the wear and tear from work boots walking on your roof and the dangers of working alone on a ladder.

The proven solution is the MasterShield Gutter Guard system. The super fine mesh microscreen is able to keep out even the smallest bits of tree litter. While much of the debris rolls right off the MasterShield gutter guard, any debris that remains quickly dries and is blown away leaving your gutters clean and your gutter guard debris free.

3. Poor Craftsmanship

Many contractors have their own way of doing things. Their methods may not be strictly wrong but they often fall short of being “best practice”. When it comes to gutter systems it’s often in tricky corners and or on multi-level roofs where a “good enough” installation job can lead to problems down the road.

Sometimes the problem doesn’t start with your gutters but in the course of having the siding replaced or the roof repaired, someone (maybe you) skips a step. Now your rain gutters are not as effective or worse yet, they could even be contributing to the development of rot or other damage to your home.

Connecticut Gutters - Poor Craftsmanship

Without proper flashing, corners are invitations for water intrusion.
Photo credit: Jay Markanich

This builder used caulking to seal an area between the gutter and a sidewall resulting in water entering the wall of the house.

Connecticut Gutters - Poor Craftsmanship 2

The same type of corner with a properly installed kick-out or diverter flashing will prevent water intrusion.
Photo credit: Fine Homebuilding

Favorite Method of Attack

The devil is in the details is a fitting saying for many construction projects. It’s never truer than when dealing with roofs and gutter systems. The protective shell that your roof system, siding and rain gutters provide needs only a tiny weakness to leave your home open for attack.

Missing or improperly installed gutter aprons or drip edges are an invitation for water to wick under your shingles and get behind your siding and into the wall. Improperly sealed corner miters allow dripping water to discolor your gutters and siding. Gutters that are not secured to the fascia board or better still, to the rafter ends, can pull away from the house. Gaps between your gutters and the fascia board direct water to your foundation wall where it seeps in causing a damp basement.

Best Defense

A professional job done by an experienced specialist is most often worth much more than the cost. Good craftsmanship pays for itself when installing gutters by avoiding future repairs to your gutters and water damage to your home and property.

Fighting Back

ASG Seamless Gutters employs only trained and certified gutter system installers and never subcontracts work. We stand behind our work with a life-time money back warranty. ASG installs RF-RG heating cable to keep your gutters free of ice and snow and we are also the exclusive distributor and installer for MasterShield Gutter Guard system so you can enjoy leaf and debris free Massachusetts and Connecticut gutters.

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