22 May Choosing A Gutter in Massachusetts – 6 Inch Gutters vs 5 Inch

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Choosing A Gutter: The Difference Between 5″inch And 6″inch Gutters

Most conscientious homeowners understand the important role that gutters play in the protection of the rest of their home and property. They understand that without gutters, rainwater could be concentrated in spots, and, over time, cause serious problems to the roof, soffit, fascia board, and even walls of their home.

Furthermore, undirected or improperly channeled water can cause chronic and significant damage to their homes foundation, sidewalks, landscaping, and driveway. This is more than a simple inconvenience of having to step through puddles – this damage can be significant, and when it has been allowed to go on for too long, the repair costs can cost inattentive homeowners thousands of dollars.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the majority of gutters installation in Massachusetts, most homeowners are unaware of what are the correct steps to take to protect themselves and their homes from that possibly prohibitively expensive, yet totally preventable, water damage. They are under the misconception that all gutters are pretty much alike, and one is just as good as the other.

When they eventually find out to their dismay just exactly how much difference factors like gutter material, shields and screens, proper installation, preventive maintenance, and even the size of gutter used can actually make in the long term care, maintenance, and protection of their home, their negative surprise and frustration is something that can be measured in dollars, by the impact it has on their wallets.

When it comes to adequate gutter coverage for your home, size does matter. It is safe to say that most property owners are completely unaware that there are various sizes of commercial or residential grade gutters that are differently suitable for their individual situation and construction. For example, most homes here in Massachusetts currently have 5 inch gutters, if they have gutters at all.

Choosing A Gutter in Massachusetts - 6 Inch Gutters vs 5 Inch

If they give it any thought at all to the size of their gutters, it is during those couple of times of year when they dutifully check the “Honey Do” jar, get the ladder out of their garage, and then spend the weekend going up and down that ladder while they clean out the leaves, sticks, dead insects and birds, and other bits of wet and disgusting trash that has accumulated over the months in their gutters. It is safe to say that cleaning gutters is not the most glamorous aspect of home ownership.

The majority of property owners are not aware that they have a choice in gutter size, 6 inch gutters vs 5 inch, and that by making that choice to upgrade to the larger, more appropriate size, they will maximize their protection against potential water damage, while at the same time reducing the amount of time and labor that they will have to invest in the odious chore of cleaning out their gutters.

The protection offered by 6 inch gutters is greater because there larger diameter means there is less chance that they will become clogged or blocked by debris. When gutters become blocked, the backed up water can cause damage to your roofline, soffit, and fascia board. The gutter itself also can become damaged because of the extra weight of the water, and consequently may pull away, become leaky, or even collapse. In the worst circumstances, the nails or fasteners holding the gutter can become dislodged and allow water to damage your wall.

Another advantage over 5 inch gutters is the ease of cleaning. The extra space means that it is easier to fit your hand inside the gutter to remove any accumulated debris – leaves, pine needles, trash, etc. If you clean your own gutters, it will make the chore simpler. If you pay a service to clean your gutters, larger gutters that are easier to clean will speed up the process, possibly saving you money if your service charges by the hour. (Remember, it is recommended that you clean your gutters a minimum of four times a year, or at least once per season.)

Here in Massachusetts and in Connecticut, we receive enough inclement weather – rain, snow, hail, and ice – that our roofs and gutters can take a tremendous beating several times a year. Therefore, it is extremely important that we install the right products on our homes and spend the necessary time to maintain those products properly.

If you are unsure about the size, condition, or performance of your gutters, call our local gutter specialist professional (800-562-1289) and request an appointment for an inspection, evaluation, and recommendation. The investment in quality gutters is a smart investment in your property.

ASG Seamless Gutters Is a leader in gutter installation in Massachusetts and Connecticut, we use quality material and use non rusted screws, our gutter system will last for a life-time.

Get a free estimate today and we’ll help you find the right gutters size either for your house or your commercial gutter installation needs.

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