23 Mar 5 Difference Between Commercial Gutters and Residential Gutters

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There are many different types of properties that you may own, but all of them would need a quality gutter system to be properly maintained. Your gutters help you drain out your roof during heavy rains and storms, and so protect your roof from water damage or leakage inside your building.

If you don’t have the right kind of gutters for the type of property you have, this cause a lot of maintenance problems for you later on. Here are the main differences between commercial and residential gutters to help you choose the right one for your commercial property.

Legal Concerns Difference Between Commercial Gutters and Residential Gutters

The way buildings are classified by municipalities may have an effect on the kind of gutters you would need. Commercial buildings may have to comply with certain legal regulations pertaining to the gutter size and how they are installed and where the water drains out to. This is to make sure the building is safe and well maintained, and is not causing any hygiene or cleanliness issues in the surrounding areas.

Where The Gutters Go

Where The Gutters Go

Commercial building with gutters installed.

Of course the main difference is where the gutters go. Residential gutters would be for your home, and would be at the edge of your roof, which would usually be a gable, shed or hipped roof. These would also be in a residential area with probably more treed around. Commercial gutters go on commercial property, which may be taller buildings with flat roofs and fewer trees to add to clogging issues.

Function Difference

The functions carried out by the gutters in both commercial and residential areas are pretty much the same. They are required to carry excess water away from the roof and direct it towards the sewage system. How much your gutters will be in use will depend on the area your commercial building is in, and the weather patterns of that area.

Materials Used To Install Gutters

Both commercial and residential gutters are constructed of similar materials, with residential gutters having a few more choices available. They are made of aluminum or galvanized steel and are quite sturdy; however residential gutters may additionally be made of copper or vinyl. Vinyl is a cheaper option for budget conscious residents and copper is more aesthetically pleasing for homes, while commercial gutters are more concerned with functionality and performance.

Gutter Size and Style

Gutter Size and Style

K-style or U shaped gutters may be better suited to residences with their likeness to crown moldings found in many homes.


The size and style of the gutters depend on the size of the building and its roof. Box gutters tend to have more capacity than 5” K-style gutters, and come in various sizes including 6”, 7” and 10”, making them a better choice for commercial property with their bigger roofs that would lend to a larger volume of run-off. These may also be better since they are simple, straightforward, and professional looking.

If you have a large commercial property, the kind of gutters you choose would be significantly different from the ones you choose for your residence, and would be installed in different ways. AGS Gutters has a variety of commercial gutters available, including 6”, 7” and 10” Box Gutters which are a great choice for any commercial property you might have.

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