12 Jan 4 Common Springtime Gutter Problems and their Solutions

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Spring time is coming up. The ice will start to melt and all the pests will awaken from their winter slumber. This is the ideal time when your gutter system is bound to experience trouble, no matter how efficient it is!

From simple cracks to pesky critters, spring time brings several challenges for your gutter system. Unless you’re not aware of what these problems are beforehand and how to deal with them, you’ll probably end up paying hefty gutter repair bills.

The Four Common Gutter Problems (And what to do about them)


gutter problems in massachusetts - gutter cracks

Due to the weight of melting snow and heavy water inflow, gutter sections tend to crack or get separated from the fascia. Image credit: Bentley Heritage

These separating gutters can easily be fixed by screws. Minor cracks can be sealed using a sealant or a waterproof caulk.


gutter problem in springfield ma - gutter clogging

As the pine needles, leaves, twigs, flowers and other debris falls off trees in to your gutter system, they clog up your gutters.

As a result, spring rain water starts to accumulate and you end up with leaky roofs. Use a leaf blower to remove the dry debris. However, there are certain clogs that cannot be removed by simple vacuuming or hand-picking. Call in professional help or protect your gutter systems using a patent product, in such cases.

Similarly, downspouts tend to clog up too, either by the gutter debris or by the ice that hasn’t been able to thaw properly. Unclogging the downspout is part and parcel of cleaning the gutter system.

You can feed a hose up in to the bottom opening and spray water upward to remove any clogs. The downspout’s upper opening can be cleaned in a similar manner too. If the clogs are too stubborn to be washed off by normal water pressure, then consider dialing a repairman.


gutter problem in massachusetts - dented gutters

Late snowfall or heavy winds cause overhanging trees to dislodge from their limbs. Image credit: Phillips Gutters

As they fall upon your roof, they’re likely to leave your gutter systems bent or buckled. The solution is the same as that for cracking, i.e. observe which parts of the gutter system can be repaired and what needs to be replaced. If you’re using a seamless gutter system, then let experts deal with it. For future references, have a tree trimmer ready before the next winters!


gutter problems in massachusetts - critters

Birds, spiders, worms, bugs, snakes, rodents, possums, squirrels and even snakes can make their way to your gutter system in springtime.

As the ice starts to melt, you’re likely to observe how your gutter system has turned in to a natural habitat for several animals and insects alike. Removing live animals, without disrupting their habitat, is a tricky part. A good gutter cleaner does not only prevent debris from clogging up, but also prevents birds, bees and mosquitoes from finding a place to nest and breed in your gutters.

Be careful, however, not to use poison or any poisonous materials when taking care of the pest problem. They can easily get washed up in to your yard and sewer system during spring rains.

To learn more on common gutter problems and one-solution-for-all-your-needs, please click here.


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