19 Dec 10 Amazingly Creative Downspout Designs… #5 Is Simply Amazing!

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Properly designed and installed downspouts are critical to properly functioning Connecticut gutters. As the last link in the chain designed to carry potentially damaging runoff away from the foundation of your home, downspouts need to do their job. While downspouts and splash guards are important components in your Connecticut gutter system they don’t have to be dull. Whoever said all work and no play make Jack a dull boy would probably appreciate these 10 fun and fanciful decorative downspouts that also do a great job.

The 10 of The Best DownSprout Design (That is if you ask us!)

#1 French craftsmen Downspout Design

Downspout Designs - French craftsmen

Grizzly gargoyles downspout design.

French craftsmen raised downspout design to a high art in the middle ages adding grizzly gargoyles and other strange creatures to their soaring stone cathedrals.

#2 The flower wheel Downspout Design

downspout designs - the flower wheel

The first Musical Waterwheel Downspout

What would normally be wasted energy turns the flower wheel on this kinetic sculpture, making what could have been a nondescript length of copper pipe into art.

#3 Tradional African Downspout Design

downspout design - african design

These Out of Africa design downspouts are out of this world.

#4 Ugly Duckling Downspout Design

downspout design -Ducks

Ugly Duckling Downspout Design.

Downspouts and splash guards are designed to make sure your Connecticut gutters don’t allow water to pool around the foundation walls of your house. That doesn’t mean they have to be boring to do the job.

#5 “Treble Clef” Downspout Design

Downspout design - J clef

Fourteen foot high treble clef. You can choose the musical background of your liking as well.

This $3,000 piece of musical kinetic art spins a wheel and plays Cannon in D Major by Johann Pachelbel. It also does fine job of moving rainwater as well.

#6 Savannah Downspout Design

Downspout designs - savanna

Savanna, Georgia historical downspout design.

These are just some of the examples of architectural details that can be found in Savannah, Georgia.

#7 French craftsmen Mystical Creature Downspout Design

downspout designs - Mystical Creature

Mystical beast downspout design in Paris.

Another example of French artistic flair, these painted metal downspouts decorate a hotel in Paris.

#8 Salmon Downspout Design

downspout designs - salmon

Salmon downspout design in Portland, Oregon.

Salmon run up this large capacity downspout in Portland, Oregon.

#9 Gargoyle Downspout Design

downspout designs - gargoyle

Imagine what this looks like during a hard rain. Hopefully your Connecticut gutters won’t leave you feeling like that.

#10 Desert Spring Downspout Design

downspout designs - desert spring

Andy Warhol famously said “art is what you can get away with”. We think this might be what he had in mind.


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